Monthly Archives: October 2015

Update a Word Document to the Word 2013 Style (aka Template)

This has been annoying me for ages as I have a lot of documents written in the default Word 2007/2010 template and the Word 2013 default styles look a lot nicer.

To change the ‘template’ (it’s not really a template any more it’s now a ‘Style Set’):

  1. Open the document in Word 2013
  2. Save As .docx
  3. Click on the Design tab
  4. Click on the More button of the Style Sets toolbar
  5. Click ‘Reset to the Default Style Set’
  6. You’re done

Ajax Post a Knockout Stringified Json Object to an ASP.NET MVC5 Controller

Typically there isn’t a simple way to post from JavaScript a Json object as a string and receive it as such in a controller. This is because the model binding system interferes in the background and when it sees a Json-like string attempts to bind it to a model, but if you have not specified a model in your controller function parameter then it turns it into a null even if you specified that you wanted a string. Thanks model binder, you suck.

So the way around it is to create a wrapper model that contains a string into which you can dump your stringified Json object like this:

Public Class JsonViewModel
    Property Json As String = ""
End Class

Here’s the controller with the function that takes the model as a parameter:

Function Save(model As JsonViewModel) As ActionResult
    If model IsNot Nothing AndAlso model.Json.Length > 0 Then
        'TODO: Process data, either of the following ways will work but the second is more obvious
        'Dim json = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(model.Json)
        'For Each item In json
        ' Debug.Print(item.Name & ": " & item.Value)
        Dim dictjson = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of Dictionary(Of String, Object))(model.Json)
        For Each kvp As KeyValuePair(Of String, Object) In dictjson
            Debug.Print(kvp.Key & ": " & kvp.Value.ToString)
        Return New HttpStatusCodeResult(200)
        Return New HttpStatusCodeResult(500)
    End If
End Function

Here’s the JavaScript from inside a Knockout ViewModel that posts the stringified Json object:

self.Save = function () {
    var payload = ko.toJSON(self);
    $.ajax("/Home/Save/", {
        type: "POST",
        processData: false,
        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        data: JSON.stringify({ Json: payload })
    .done(function (data) {
        alert('Data saved');
    .fail(function () {
        alert('Data not saved.');